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Cleaning And Maintenance For Composite Routing



During the composite routing process, one of the last things people typically think of is cleaning and conditioning of the parts. Keeping carbon graphite router bits clean and well maintained is very important, though; just as important as keeping them sharpened and stored in a safe place. Composite routers and bits should be cleaned and sharpened periodically, and stored in tool boxes that don't allow them to roll around and come in contact with other tools.


There is often only a small amount of clearance between the cutting edge of carbon graphite router bits and the body. This is where resin can build up can significantly add to the friction created during the composite routing process. Even the most expensive and high-tech composite routers can't function properly when they are used with dirty, dull and poorly maintained bits.

It is okay to use the same cleaner that would be used for saw blades to keep carbon graphite router bits bright and shiny. There are also blade and bit maintenance kits that can be used for composite routers, which have all the necessary cleaning supplies. The kit should include a generous supply of pitch and resin remover, as well as a lubricant that is specially designed to condition and protect the router bit pilot bearings. This will ensure the most successful composite routing every time.


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