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Correct Usage Of Metal Cutting Router Bits


When using metal cutting router bits, it is usually preferable to use a faster speed rather than a slower one, although the exact RPM setting will depend on the task at hand. A faster speed is usually preferable when using metal cutting router bits, though, because it results in more cuts per inch. A faster speed usually results in a smoother cut from the metal cutting router bits. Of course, you also want your metal cutting router bits to be very sharp to ensure the smoothest and deepest cut.

This requires periodic sharpening of the metal cutting router bits, and proper storage in a case that does not allow the cutting surface to become dulled from rolling around. Proper maintenance and storage will also ensure a longer lifespan for the metal cutting router bits.

Using sharp, high quality metal cutting router bits and using the correct bit speed are not the only factors to consider, though. You must also use the correct feed rate to ensure a clean cut from the metal cutting router bits. Make practice cuts with new metal cutting router bits is a good idea, until you are able to produce a smooth, even feed rate that is not too fast or too slow. Using metal cutting router bits at a sped that is too fast produces a rough cut, but using them too slowly results in burnishing and burn marks. The final metal cutting product is a fine art.


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