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Different Custom Router Bits For Different Materials


There are many different types of custom router bits for different types of materials, ranging from acrylic to wood. There are specialized wood router bits for woodworking projects such as decorative shelving and table tops, for instance, which may look similar to other tools but are highly specialized. Then there are plastic machining tools that are meant for very specific types of plastic. Some plastics are hard and some are soft, but they all require different custom router bits.

One very specific type of plastic that requires specific tools is acrylic. Plastic machining with CNC routers is the common approach with acrylics, which is often used in the sign-making, point-of-purchase, machine building, medical devices, and valve industries. The custom router bits that are used with acrylics should be optimized to provide the highest quality finish on the cut edge.

When it comes to wood router bits, there are also variations in the types of tools that should be used depending on the type of wood that is being routed. Some types of wood are harder, some are softer, and there are also composite woods known as particle boards that are made from a combination of wood chips. The custom router bits vary depending on the type of wood being used and the type of decorative elements that are desired in the finished product.

Regardless of the material and the type of custom router bits, there are some things that remain the same when it comes to wood and plastic machining - the requirement for a premium finished edge without the need for post-routing finishing operations. There are four factors that come into play in wood and/or plastic machining operations that affect the quality of the cut edge: tooling, programming, fixturing, and the condition of the machine. If any one of these factors is not optimized, it will be extremely difficult to maintain a consistent, high quality edge finish, even with the highest quality custom router bits. 



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