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The Importance Of Custom Router Bits For Sign Making


Custom router bits are a big part of the sign making industry, which is responsible for helping businesses, schools, nonprofits and other organizations to communicate information and advertise their services to potential customers or clients. Router bits differentiate when they are being used for wood, aluminum, foam and plastic. Different cutting tools are required for these different materials, which have different cutting characteristics that require different tools in the sign making process. Plastic materials, for example, require very specific custom router bits when people are using them to make signs.

Plastic is commonly used for signs on businesses such as retail stores, movie theatres, restaurants, bars, cafes, hotels, auto shops and other service providers. Different router bits are needed for the different types of plastic, which can be categorized as either flexible or rigid plastics. The cutting tools for flexible plastic are typically single or double edge O flute tools that come in straight or spiral flute configurations. Rigid plastics require different cutting tools, such as double edged straight V flute tools, spiral O flutes with hard plastic geometry, and two and three flute finishers. Most of these router bits are made with materials that are readily available in high-speed steel for hand operations and solid carbide for CNC routing.

Custom router bits may also be made from solid carbide, which is a very durable material when used in a controlled environment of CNC, but it is not recommended for hand routing. The router bits that are best for hand routing must be less rigid, since there is more opportunity for tool breakage in this style of routing. When it comes to making signs, whether of plastic, wood, aluminum or foam, it's important to have the right cutting tools to create the best finished product the first time. Signs are used to convey all sorts of information in our society, from commercial purposes that keep business going to street signs that keep cars headed in the right direction.



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