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Cutting Tools For Every Project


Most handy men and handy women have some good wood boring drill bits for making repairs, putting up shelves and doing other projects around the home. Different types of cutting tools are necessary for boring holes into concrete or metal, though, because thee materials are much denser and require a tougher bit that will not break under pressure. Metal drill bits and high speed steel drill bits are required for those tougher materials.

Metal drill bits such as “O” flute tools range in size from eight millimeters to 32 millimeters, and they can machine through all types of aluminum. If you need cutting tools that can do concrete or masonry work, however, then you will need solid carbide drill bits that have the strength to drill holes through concrete. The best wood boring drill bits are typically high speed steel spirals, which also range in size depending on the type of hole you have to drill.

Cutting tools such as these have come a long way in the last century, and with a good power drill it’s possible to cut holes of perfect proportion into pretty much anything. Diamond drill bits, for example, can cut through panes of glass or porcelain tiles without causing a fracture in the glass or breaking the tiles. Some people might think that you can simply use the same wood boring drill bits in their set of tools to bore through other materials, but this is simply not the case.

A real handy man or handy woman will have more than just wood boring drill bits in their collection, although you definitely need several of those to do various jobs with furniture or walls. Metal drill bits and other specific tools for different materials are also very good to have around for all the projects that don’t have anything to do with wood.


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