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Designs Of A Wood Router Bits


Wood router bits have many common and uncommon uses. They can be used to round off the edges of a normal office desk, or to create intricate and beautifully decorated wood panels. A wood router bit is used to hollow out an area on the face of a plank of wood. The tools consist of a broad-based wooden hand plane, which is used to flatten or reduce the thickness of a smooth surface of lumber, with a narrow blade that protrudes beyond the base plate. Today’s routers are used in place of traditional molding planes when edge decoration is needed.


Wood router bits are known to come in hundreds of different varieties to create decorative effects to the edges of wood. These tools can be found with edge bits or non-edge bits. Edge bits have a small wheel bearing, which acts as a barrier against the work in edge making. Non-edge bits require the use of a barrier, which can be found either on a router table or attached to the piece of wood or router.


Wood router bits can differ in diameter and can range in ½ inch diameters to 3/8 inch diameters. The speed of the bit’s rotation varies based on the size of each tool and can range from 8,000 to 30,000 revolutions per minute (rpm).


Popular shapes that are made by wood router bits include chamfer, v-groove, cove, round nose, rabbeting, dado, round over, dovetail, Roman ogee and beading. If you’re confused about which design you’re looking for or what type of wood router bit you want to use, do some research online and look for a trusted supplier of these tools. The company should be able to provide solutions to your wood working problems and have products that will be able to fulfill your decorative needs.



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