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Distinguishing Upcut Wood Router Bits


If the flute is traveling up as it curls around, they are upcut wood router bits. Another easier test is to hold the drill bits down and away from you. As you turn them clockwise, look to see which way the light reflection is moving. If the reflection is moving up, they are upcut wood router bits. It is important to know the differences between upcut wood router bits and others before you start a project.

If you use the wrong drill bits, the cut will not be as clean and there will be more chips left behind after the cut. In any case, remember to move slowly through a cut to allow the chips to be cleared away from the cut.

Upcut drill bits are used for many different types of projects. Before you try using the upcut wood router bits, you should take into consideration what the project is and what type of material you are using. This will help you to make cleaner cuts and to complete a better looking finished product.


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