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Facts About Drill Bits



There are different materials that you will find drill bits made of. Most commonly they are made of steel or carbide. Carbide router bits are a good option because of their heat resistance and long edge lives as compared with steel. You have to be careful, though, when choosing because if used improperly, these router bits are brittle and prone to chipping. This can be very expensive to replace if you have to keep replacing your router bits.

There is certain router bits designed for specific projects. Some router bits are well suited for occasional work and are less expensive than others. However, these are the router bits that dull relatively quickly and need to be re-sharpened to prevent them from burning different work surfaces. You also want to make sure to get the right size router bits for different projects so that you get the best finished product.

Having a high quality product means that there are clean cuts, not jagged edges, and the material is not damaged or cracked. Some router bits are designed with chip-limiting characteristics. Chip-limiting router bits have extra body mass that extends further back to reduce the amount of material that can be fed into the bit's flutes. This reduces the chance of over-feeding the bit, which, in turn, reduces the chance of the router bit kicking back.




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