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Finding Success With Drill Bits


Using the right drill bits for a certain job is extremely important, whether it is for metal, wood or any other material. There are thousands of wood boring drill bits to choose from because tooling has become so specialized over time, so manufacturers have started catering to every specific goal that a person could want to accomplish. There are also more metal drill bits than ever. Whatever the material or the task, there are drill bits available on the market to meet the needs of every machine shop for every possible finished product they desire.

Choosing the right wood boring drill bits can be a daunting task with so many to choose from, but it is much more likely to be successful after utilizing either published resources or vendor representatives for advice about the best methods of specifying tooling.  Published resources for drill bits might come in the form of recommendations from material suppliers, empirical test data or vendor catalogs with tool selection cross references. There are similar resources for metal drill bits, as well as experienced representatives and engineers who can be quite valuable due to their enhanced understanding of various applications and the common hazards to steer clear of.

Finding the drill bits developed specifically for the type of material being cut and the machine being used should be the goal for best performance. There are different metal drill bits for three axis, five axis and carving machines, for example. Anyone preparing to purchase or use wood boring drill bits should also consider the tool material that will provide the optimal finish or sharpness, the tool diameter that will provide the optimal finish, the cutting length for the most rigid hold and the shank diameter that is most likely to avoid tool breakage. The helix is also an important consideration, with low helix, high helix and straight cutters to choose from.


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