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Flat Wood Boring Bits


Flat  wood boring drill bits are only meant to be used in power drills. These wood boring bits have a point located in the center, which is flanked by flat steel on either side. The center of the flat wood drill bits locates the bit itself, and the flat steel does the actual cutting. Flat wood boring drill bits can cut fairly large flat-bottomed holes with a central point.

These types of wood boring bits are perfect when the head of a screw or bolt needs to be indented in the wood. These wood drill bits should always be used prior to drilling a clearance hole for a bolt, and they should be kept sharp with a fine file, oilstone or grindstone. Larger wood boring drill bits must be used in fairly powerful drills, and they are intended for boring deeper holes.

Flat wood boring bits produce a lot of splintering when they break out the back of the board, but this can be reduced by using a backing board (a piece of wood or particle board that you don't really care about). Flat wood drill bits are not really suitable for making an existing hole larger, though.


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