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Guides For Wood Router Bits


Wood router bits are often used in carpentry to make fanciful ornamentations on the wooden edges, or cut any other necessary type of profile out of the material. People can use upcut wood router bits to cut horizontal ridges, or they can use wood router bits to make the wood curve vertically, or even to create a decorative pattern on the surface. For all of these operations, it is necessary to guide the wood router bits along a preset course, so the edges or ridges are even and clean.

Carpenters can use guides that are provided to make sure their upcut wood router bits follow the path, or route, that they desire. These guides are available for all types of wood router bits. They can maintain the blade of the router bits at the same distance from the edge, which is especially helpful with upcut designs, where the path is quite difficult for the carpenter to see.

These guides typically consist of discs that have central bearings for axial beaming tips, which steer the router bits in the right direction. The disc radius controls the distance of the wood router bits' cutting blade from the piece of wood. These discs have circumferential edges, which travel along the edge of the wood that is being cut. They can even be rolled over the wooden edge as it id being cut, which is especially helpful with upcut wood router bits. This technology has made it much easier to use wood router bits, and has greatly improved carpenters' abilities to efficiently create beautiful wooden products.


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