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Important Drill Bits Terms


If you are going to be working with drill bits, you might as well know some definitions and understand the different products that are out there.

Whether you are working with wood carving drill bits for fine wood craftsmanship, or if you are using metal drill bits for the production of industrial materials, these terms and definitions will come in handy. CED is a common abbreviation that is used in regards to drill bits, which is an abbreviation for cutting edge diameter, and refers to the width of the cut that the tool is intended to make through the piece of material that is being worked on. CEL is a term that you might hear in reference to metal drill bits when talking about the maximum thickness of the piece of metal that is being cut, which is short for cutting edge length.

Another abbreviation that might be used referring to wood carving drill bits is SHK, which stands for shank diameter and is the nominal size of the shank which should match the collet size of the spindle the tool will be used in. The final abbreviation used when talking about drill bits is OAL, which stands for over all length and is the total nominal length of the tool.

And finally, chip load may another term that is commonly referenced when discussing drill bits. Chip load is simply defined as the thickness of a chip which is formed during the machining of a material, whether it is plastic, wood or metal. Chip load with metal drill bits is a critical term to understand, because if the chip is the right size it will carry away the heat and bring a long life to the tool. If the chip is too small, however, the heat is transferred to the cutting tool, which may bring a short life. Understanding these terms, whether you're dealing with metal carving drill bits or if you're cutting metal, is the first step towards success.


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