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Mechanical Chipload Chart for Exact Data Entry


In the world of tool manufacturers, chipload is a term that is vastly used. It refers to average chip thickness and knife progression. In order to get the most ideal chipload value for a tool, manufacturers provide a mechanical chipload chart whenever they sell a tool.

For those who do not know much about chiploads, we can define this term for a better understanding as "the rate of removal of stock through milling, or the amount of wood being removed by the bit," depending on the situation.

Machining with an uneven chipload may cause dimensional errors on work-piece surfaces. With a mechanical chipload chart tool, users can determine chipload per tooth starting points, meaning that they can select the maximum depth of cut for material removed by one cutting edge in one revolution of the tool.

A chipload per tool can be easy determined with this formula: Chipload per tooth x number of cutting faces contained on the end mill.

A mechanical chipload chart is easy to use. All you have to do is look for the cutting data for the material that is being cut, the series number of the tool being used (you will find it under the series column), and the cutting edge diameter of the tool. Then all you have to do is write down the chipload range. With this data, you can also calculate the feed rate and speed that you should ideally apply to the tool. These are some useful formulas: Feed rate = RPM x number of cutting edges x chipload Speed (RPM) = Feed rate / the number of cutting edges x chipload.

By using the correct chipload range for a mechanical chipload chart, you can be sure that a tool will not die prematurely due to incorrect instructions.


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