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Medical Composite Drills

Using standard drills to machine today’s highly abrasive composite materials can be costly in terms of tool wear and damage to workpieces. LMT Onsrud makes an extensive line of drills designed for today’s difficult-to-machine, space-age materials. LMT Onsrud manufactures solid carbide and PCD cutting tools designed specifically for machining CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic), GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic), Fiberglass, Phenolic, Kevlar®, Carbon Graphite and other composite materials.


LMT Onsrud designs and manufactures drills for your specific applications! Contact us for your application needs!





Solid Carbide 8 Facet Drill
67-800 Series


  • 4 cutting edges – 2 facets per cutting edge.
  • Reduce cutting forces.
  • Eliminates delamination when entering and exiting the material.
  • Fractional Drills
  • Letter Drills
  • Number Drills
  • Metric Drills



PCD 8 Facet Drills

68-900 Series


  • Works well in composite materials.
  • Long tool life.
  • Creates delamination free holes.
  • Drill diameters are oversize allowing for aircraft fasteners to extend through the holes.



Diamond Film Coated Solid Carbide Parabolic Drill

86-100 Series


  • Produces clean, delamination free hole in composite materials.
  • Diamond Film Coated (CVD).
  • Economical solution to PCD composite drills.



Solid Carbide CFRP Drill (Coated)

85-800 Series


  • Designed to ensure hole quality and diameter.
  • “W” point of the drill centers the drill.
  • Peripheral cutting edges shear the material.
  • Clean, tight tolerance holes without fraying or delamination.
  • Drills are coated with a Diamond Like Carbon (DLC).




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