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Aluminum Milling Cutters


Machining aluminum faster is what you get from Onsrud Cutter’s line of tools for aluminum applications.


The large "sweet spot" allows for chatter free machining at high RPM and heavy cuts. The resulting maximum metal removal rates mean maximum productivity in aluminum machining applications....


Aluminum Milling Cutters - 







Exotic Milling Cutters for Aerospace industry


Exotic Metal Cutters


Onsrud Cutter's new line of tooling designed for aerospace materials is optimized for deep pocket milling in all exotic materials.


Onsrud Tools maximize output of your spindle while producing accurate and quality parts. Features such as variable flute indexing, rigid tool design, and built in dampening effects allow for cutting of titanium like it was aluminum.


Onsrud will further enhance your productivity by offering as standard tools the industry‘s largest selection of corner radii and neck and flute lengths in coated and uncoated versions.



Exotic Milling Cutters for Aerospace industry


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