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Onsrud Cutter LP

800 Liberty Drive

Libertyville, IL 60048



For Immediate Release


Milling and Routing Cutters by OC



Just released - Onsrud Cutter's new catalog of milling and routing cutters. This catalog features over 500 cutters specially designed, manufactured, and field life tested machining most aluminum, plastic, and composite materials found in aircraft manufacturing plants and job shops around the world. This catalog is filled with the "best of" tools for aluminum and plastic machining where production speed, quality of cut, and tool life are most important.


Onsrud Cutter has over fifty years of experience working with machinist designing and manufacturing unique cutters that perform better and last longer. It is the engineering, manufacturing, and field support that makes our cutters uniquely better.


For more information contact Onsrud Cutter LP, 800 Liberty Drive, Libertyville, IL 60048 USA – 847-362-1560 – or a brochure can be downloaded at, www.onsrud.com.








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