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Modern Uses For Custom Router Bits


Custom router bits can be used for a variety of wood routing applications, which all share the common goal of hollowing out an area in a piece of wood for one purpose or another. Wood router bits have been used in routing machines for many years; although the technology of the machines, the quality of the bits and the materials used to produce them have changed quite a bit over time. Carbon graphite router bits are commonly used for various different types of wood routing jobs today, for example, whether the task is the edging for a staircase or a beautiful shelving pattern.

Today's custom router bits are no longer used in the old hand plane machines of decades ago; they are used in modern spindle routers that evolved from electric hand routers that originally appeared in the years just after World War I. Wood router bits for these machines come in hundreds of varieties, which can either create decorative effects or joinery aids. Solid carbon graphite router bits are one type, or carbide tipped is another type, and high speed steel is yet another type. Custom router bits can also be classified as edge bits or non-edge bits and whether the bit is designed to be anti-kickback, regardless of their material.

Wood router bits also differ by the diameter of their shanks, and there is a huge range of sizes to choose from. Custom router bits are available in 1/2 inch, 12 mm, 10 mm, 3/8 inch, 8 mm, 1/4 inch and 6 mm shanks, as well as some other rare shank sizes that are not commonly used. The 1/2 inch ones are the most expensive because they are stiffer, they do not usually vibrate, and they break les easily.

Whether they are carbon graphite router bits or high speed steel, modern bits can be made to match any imaginable profile. Companies which manufacture these customized bits for a variety of routers may be found on the Internet, which is another highly modern convenience.


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