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The Most Multifaceted Tools in the Plastics World


When it comes to plastic machining, the spiral O flute is arguably the most multifaceted tool that has been designed for use in this industry. This design provides plastic routing capabilities such as an enhanced finish and a higher feed rate, so it clearly offers advantages in quality and productivity compared to the traditional end mill tools on the market. These custom router bits have changed the way plastic is machined and provided the opportunity for machine shops to supply a higher quality finished product at a reasonable cost.

The latest innovations in plastic machining have been largely made by Onsrud Cutter, which is the industry leader on everything from wood drill bits to metal core drills. They have also definitely made a name for themselves in the plastics world. The latest plastic routing tools offer   high rake with low clearance, which is a machining approach that has proven to be a key factor in producing a properly sized plastic chip. This ensures the best part finish and superior chip evacuation from start to finish.

Custom router bits with spiral O flute geometry allow machinists to machine more freely with greater choices. The chip and the part are influenced in a variety of plastic machining applications, including up cut and down cut tooling. And this is further enhanced by two different plastic routing lines with subtle geometry differences for soft and hard plastic that provide a not-so-subtle difference in the finished product. Since plastics vary so greatly in the spectrum from the softest to the hardest, including mechanical plastics and composites, this is extremely important.

When custom router bits such as the spiral O flute provide quality part finish at competitive cost-per-part rates, it is a good thing for the plastic machining industry. Onsrud Cutter has provided just that very thing with their line of tools for cutting plastics.


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