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New Innovations in Cutting Tools


There are several new cutting tools on the market that have been specially designed to address certain problem areas that are common in drilling, pocketing and lettering. These custom router bits and drill bits have special programming options that allow people to produce better finishes in shorter periods of time without having to change out the tools. It’s also easier than ever for people to choose the right cutting tools for each job that they have ahead, with Internet resources that allow consumers to make their selection based on the materials they plan on cutting and the finish, spindle speed and feed rate for that specific job. It’s an exciting time in the cutting industry.

A new drill with specialized drill bits is one of the latest products on the market, which is allowing people to reduce the odds of chip wrap in soft plastics while also increasing the plunge speeds. These cutting tools also allow the user to plunge into blow molded or other thermoformed parts without ejecting a plug into the interior of a part. New custom router bits are also available now, which actually combine the function of a router and chamfer bit into one tool. By combining both a straight flute optimized for cutting plastics with a cutting edge sized for specific sheet sizes and a specialized chamfer edge, these tools can rout plastic parts and make use of a variable depth edge chamfer in a single delivery.

Cutting tools are easier to find and purchase now, too, since Onsrud Cutter is increasing the information that is available online. A new site is allowing consumers and industry professionals to find the plastic drill bits for each specific job with more helpful information from manufacturers in an easily accessible database. Whether they’re looking for custom router bits or any other cutting tools on the market, shoppers have it easier that ever before. Information contained within the database includes material manufacturers, brand name, material type, thickness, color, tool diameters, cutting depth and other helpful data. These developments are making cutting easier than ever before.


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