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Onsrud Cutter Leading The Cutting Tools Industry


Onsrud Cutter has been a leader in the market for drill bits, router bits and other cutting tools for more than 85 years. They are dedicated to providing solutions to all of their customers' cutting needs, in the most professional manner possible. They are known as leaders in their industry because of the high quality of their cutting tools, and their commitment to customer service.


Onsrud Cutter began leading their industry in 1980, when they introduced their first line of router bits and other routing tools designed to slice and shear rather than chop. They have had a series of landmarks in the cutting tools industry ever since. They have been Challenger's


Award winners twice, and they have also been finalists another two times. In 2007, they were an AWFS Sequoia Award winner. Their high-quality line of drill bits and other tools have also become known as the products of choice for discerning consumers.
Onsrud Cutter carries drill bits, router bits and other cutting tools for the woodworking, non-ferrous, composite and plastic industries. And if there are ever any problems with their tooling products, their highly trained customer service staff is there to help.



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