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Optimum Speeds For Custom Router Bits


Custom router bits should only be used on routers that have the ability to adjust the speed, usually ranging from 8,000 to 24,000 revolutions per minute. Not all router bits work on the same speed, so it would be unfavorable to use them on a low-quality router that does not have a varying speed adjustment feature.

Some custom router bits are very large, for example, which have more bulk that causes vigorous vibration when they are run at higher speeds. Revolutions per minute, which is the speed measurement for router bits, gauge that number of times it takes for the router bits to make one revolution during the predetermined time period. The RPMs do not measure the actual speed that custom router bits travel at.

Larger router bits actually travel significantly faster at the same RPM than smaller bits, so this is why it's important to use routers that have various speed (RPM) settings. When you purchase custom router bits, there will usually be a maximum running speed listed in the product literature. This is the maximum speed that the router bits can be operated at safely, although the optimum speed will also depend on the specific task to be completed. The horsepower of the router, the feed rates, the quality and condition of the custom router bits and the properties of the material will also affect the optimum speed that the router should be operated at. It really depends on the situation, which is why it's best to have a router that allows many different speeds.


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