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Plastic Routing Questions Answered


When it comes to plastic routing, people often have some questions about the best methods to use. During the plastic machining process, there are methods that can improve the finish on a cut part and avoid burns or clouding of acrylic in a hand or air router application, for example. There are also many problems that arise during the plastic routing process that people often want to know how to solve. Luckily, there are answers to all these questions.

If you're looking to improve the finish on a cut part during the plastic machining process, the best way to do it is to adjust the feed rates and spindle speed and to use solid carbide tooling with geometry that is best for the specific material being used. For softer plastic routing, you should use single edged solid carbide straight or spiral plastic O flute tools.

For rigid plastic machining, double edged solid carbide straight, spiral standard or O flute plastic geometry tools are often best for the job. In order to avoid the burning or clouding of acrylic plastic routing, you should use two different tools. Both of the plastic machining tools should be solid carbide, but one should be designed for roughing out the shape and one should be designed to trim. The roughing tool can be a straight or spiral designed for acrylic plastic routing, and during the first cut it should leave about a 1/8 margin for the second tool to pass through. After this, a second pass can be made with a three flute acrylic finish apparatus. Sometimes people encounter problems with the plastic machining process, such as when the sheets are welded together during stacked sheet routing. To avoid this, solid carbide straight O flute tools are recommended, and they may be singe edged or double edged depending on the rate and speed you are routing at. With additional problems, always make sure to ask for professional advice.


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