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Popular Types Of Wood Drill Bits


There are many different types for wood drill bits for different jobs, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Wood auger drill bits are one common type of, which looks kind of like a cork screw. Flat wood boring drill bits are another common type of bit, which has a flat cutting edge and looks similar to a spade.

Wood auger drill bits have cutting edges that look like chisels, which are beneficial because they eliminate excess waste from the sawdust. These wood drill bits are advantageous because they remove the rubbish that could potentially get in your way while you are working. They also have outer spurs that cut into the wood in front of the cutting edge to produce a very clean hole and deep coiled grooves that help the sawdust to be removed quicker. Wood auger drill bits are typically slower than flat bits, but as a result they produce a cleaner and more precise hole in the wood. Flat wood boring drill bits can also produce a clean hole, but they do so quicker than some other varieties.

These wood drill bits can be sharpened after use with a file, and are relatively inexpensive because of their uncomplicated construction. It is usually necessary to use a pumping action wit flat wood boring drill bits, so you can get rid of the excess sawdust and help keep yourself from wandering while drilling thick timbers. Certain types of flat wood boring drill bits look more like screws rather than having a center point, which helps to pull the drill through the timber. Wood auger drill bits are available in lengths of at least 100 mm, and up to 450 mm and in diameters of 4 mm to 30 mm. Flat wood boring drill bits, on the other hand, are available in 6 mm to 38 mm sizes.


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