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Proper Tools And Techniques For Plastic Machining


Plastic machining can be easily accomplished with the right techniques, but the wrong techniques can waste time, money and resources. Using the right cutting tools also makes a huge difference, since there are different tools that have proven to be more effective for different materials and different goals for the finished product. Drill bit sets often contain a good starting point for machining, drilling and routing, but most people find it necessary to purchase more specialized pieces as well.

Many people involved in plastic machining wonder how they can improve the finish on each part that they cut without sacrificing efficiency. Some simple adjustments to your cutting tools can easily accomplish this goal, such as varying the feed rates and spindle speed. Drill bit sets that include solid carbide bits with material-specific geometry are most appropriate for various plastics, but most people find it necessary to purchase some additional tools. Cutting tools for soft plastics include single edged solid carbide straight and spiral plastic O flute tools; while rigid plastic requires double edged solid carbide straight or spiral standard or O flute plastic geometry tools.

Another thing that comes up during plastic machining is the re-welding of material to the part or the tool when temperatures reach higher degrees. The right plastic machining techniques go a long way here, such as programming exit ramp corners rather than stop and go corners, and ramping in rather than straight entry boring. Since hot cutting tools clearly causes re-welding, increased feed parts and/or decreased spindle speeds can help to stop heat buildup. 

With the right drill bit sets and accessories, and a few good tips about how to use them effectively, machining plastics should be a simple and fool-proof procedure that does not waste any time or money. With the wrong tools and techniques, however, everything can go awry.


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