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Router Bits for the Sign Making Industry


There are many types of router bits that are used for the sign making industry that can cut into wood, aluminum and foam sign materials. Plastic routing has become the most popular method, though, because plastics such as acrylic have proven to be very durable and can be used in a variety of applications. It is important for sign makers to have everything from metal cutting router bits to wood boring bits in order to make the various products that their industry demands.

When it comes to plastic routing in the sign making industry, there are different bits that are used with flexible plastics and rigid plastics which are usually made from high speed steel or solid carbide. The router bits used for flexible plastics are typically single or double edged “O” flute tools, which are available in both straight and spiral flute styles. The router bits that are used for rigid plastics are typically double edges straight “V” flute tools, spiral “O” flutes with hard plastic geometry, and two and three flute finishers.

The wood boring bits that are used in the sign making industry are also typically made of high speed steel and solid carbide. When it comes to router bits for wood sign making, chip breakers, finishers, compression spirals, and multi-edged tools in a variety of flute configurations provide optimum performance. Metal cutting router bits are used for aluminum signs, which typically come in the “O” flute style. The open flute design of these tools carves rather than pushes the material, which makes them equally effective in annealed or hardened aluminum.

Having the right router bits can make the difference between a successful sign maker and an inefficient one. Much technological advancement has been made in this industry in the last ten years, though, so the right tools for the sign industry are out there.


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