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Metal Cutting Router Bits Inspired by the Aerospace Industry


Metal cutting router bits from leading tool makers such as Onsrud Cutter are used for numerous applications in the aerospace industry. The router bits they manufacture are used by many other industries, though, which make products that vary from scientific use to government contracts to the consumer market. Providing metal drill bits and router bits for the aerospace industry has provided many lessons about how to supply the best tools for the high speed machining of aluminum.

With a complete line of solid carbide router bits and carbon graphite router bits, machine shops have the tools they need to be efficient and fast while never sacrificing the quality of their finished product. These metal cutting router bits with O flute geometry have revolutionized the aluminum machining industry. Since aluminum is one of the most commonly used materials used today, this has been an important development.

Metal cutting router bits with O flute geometry provide efficient performance with the traditional one-pass machining environment. And since a one-size-fits-all approach never works for router bits, these tools come in left hand and right hand spiral to influence chips and parts in a positive manner, and straight edge versions to reduce lifting in thinner materials. These metal cutting router bits don’t push the material, they carve the material, so their open flute design is more appropriate for annealed or hardened aluminum.

The latest metal cutting router bits have unique geometries that offer the most flexibility, high feed rates, enhanced finishes and the most productive workflow. Since increasing productivity is important for any business, machine shops have been very pleased with this resulting efficiency and productivity for their business. The lessons learned in the aerospace industry have truly paid off for high-end manufacturers such as Onsrud Cutter, who has passed the knowledge on to their customers in the metal machining industry.  


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