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Router Bits For Different Purposes


When using a tool like router bits, it is important to know the material being routed as well as the material that the bits are made out of. Wood router bits that are made from the finest carbides and steels will ensure the most productivity, and with wood high speed steel is particularly beneficial. Other materials that are commonly used for plastic routers bits are carbide tipped and solid carbide. The finest carbide and steels will ensure the highest level of productivity and create the best finish every time, which is what anyone hopes for in routing.

High speed steel is often used for wood router bits, as it performs very well in hand routing applications where a tough core is necessary to prevent tool breakage, and hand tools are common for wood. Plastic routers bits are also commonly made of high speed steel, which is very beneficial for use in acrylic countertops where hand tools could be used right at the moment of installation. Router bits made of high speed steel are even used on aluminum. Clearly, this is a versatile material. Wood router bits are often carbide tipped, as well, which may be sued for both composite woods and hard woods. Plastic routers bits are also commonly carbide tipped, whether they are abrasive plastics or composites plastics. These router bits may be occasionally limited by their brazed geometry, but they work well in hand routing because they are very hard and able to stand up to tough jobs.

Router bits can also be made from solid carbide, which are typically used for man-made boards, solid woods, abrasive plastics, and some types of aluminum. Solid carbide tools also create keen edges that were once believed impossible. All of these materials have their own important routing place, though, depending on the job at hand.


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