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Leslie Banduch
LMT Onsrud LP
1081 S. Northpoint Blvd.
Waukegan, IL 60085


For Immediate Release



Tool for Machining Soft Aluminum Sheet


LMT Onsrud, Waukegan, Illinois, announces a new addition to its line of solid carbide, single edge, O-flute cutting tools for aluminum sheet. The new tool (63-400) series addresses the issues with machining very soft aluminum alloys, such as 3003.


"When standard cutting tools are used to cut 3003 and other soft, gummy grades, they generate heat," explains Leslie Banduch, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing for LMT Onsrud, LP. "The remelting point of such alloys is so low that as the heated chips flow up the cutter’s flute, they leave behind a residue, filling in the grain area of the tool’s carbide. As the cutting continues, the build-up of aluminum in the flute and on the tool’s cutting edge traps the heat of cutting in the cutting zone, eventually causing the tool to fail."


In comparison to Onsrud's standard single edge, O flute cutting tool series for aluminum sheet (63-600 series) the following design changes where necessary to successfully route very soft aluminum alloys: a more open flute design to increase chip evacuation, a lower helix angle to prevent lifting of the sheet, and an increased rake angle to reduce the amount of heat generated. The new series is coated with ZrN (Zirconium-Nitride). There are many advantages of the ZrN coating; it reduces the amount of heat on the carbide substrate, it’s very low coefficient of friction allows the chip to easily slide up the flute, and it prevents aluminum build up on the cutting edge.


Any application that requires routing of soft aluminum alloys will experience productivity and tool life gains with the new tool series (63-400 series), including the sign and marine industries.



For further information contact LMT Onsrud LP, 847-362-1560, www.onsrud.com.








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