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Selecting Cutting Tools For Mechanical Plastics


It is necessary to select the right cutting tools for mechanical plastics, which can either be hard or soft, in order to produce the right finished edge and avoid any problems. Some plastic routers bits are better for flexible materials that produce a curled chip, while others are better for rigid materials that produce a splintered wedge. These tools are vastly different from wood router bits, although they serve the same purpose, because they are working with different materials and have different challenges to face.

The cutting tools that are generally used with soft plastics are O-flute tools, while V-flute tools are used with hard plastics. Soft plastics are much more frequently used to create wear plastics for the machining industry, though, to create tools such as bearings, gears, material-handling parts and machine components such as spacers and positioning mounts. For this reason, the most common plastic routers bits used are the O-flute tools. Just as wood router bits are the most common cutting tools in the fine furniture industry, these are the most common in all industries that use mechanical plastics. Plastic routers bits with up-cut or right-hand spirals are the most commonly used, because they are very effective for evacuating chips.

The O-flute spiral cutting tools come in single and double edged designs, which range in diameter from 1.16 inches to 3.4 inches. Single edged cutting tools create a finer finish on mechanical plastics compared to multiple flute end mills. Sometimes the balance of the cutting tools is an issue, though, in which case a deeper cut is required and double edged flute spirals or triple flute finishing tools are the best way to go. When it comes to plastic routers bits, both of the types of tools just mentioned can machine materials up to 31.8 inches in thickness with great finish at the end of the job; the tool selected just depends on the type of job.


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