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Sharpening Drill Bits And Other Cutting Tools


Cutting tools such as drills and routers are required for a variety of jobs around the house, from putting up shelves to woodworking to fixing the plumbing. It is very important to keep drill bits sharp and in good condition to get a long life out of the tools and produce the desired results every time. The same can be said about router bits. A little bit of preventive maintenance can go a long way, and you can count on having them for many years into the future.

In order to keep all your cutting tools sharp and in good working order, you will need several resources on hand to so periodic sharpening. Everyone who values their drill bits should have a fine metal file, an electric bench grinder, protective eye coverings and a vise on hand. This will ensure that you are always able to have router bits and other tools that are sharp and accurate, since accuracy is crucial with routing and drilling jobs.

To properly care for all our cutting tools all the time, you should make it a habit to return them to their case every time you're done using them instead of dumping them back into the toolbox where they will roll around and hit other things. This might cause the router bits to break or grown dull more quickly. When it comes time to sharpen your drill bits, you will want to file them with a fine metal file repeatedly with angled pressure at the tip of the bit.

After this you should use an electric bench grinder at low speed, holding the drill bits firmly at their core at an angle, applying light pressure to the grinder and rotating the bits until all sides until sharpened. At the end, you will insert the sharpened bit into a vise and continue filing along the ridges using a metal file until they are smooth. Now they can be returned to their rightful place and saved for the next important job.


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