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Sign Industry


The use of micro grain carbide with the necessary geometry to achieve chip evacuation has made smaller diameter tools more effective for the sign industry

Aluminum Tooling

Aluminum comes in various grades, and depending upon that grade, the correct tool needs to be chosen.


LMT Onsrud has designed tools specifically for soft aluminums, such as 3003, which is commonly found within the sign industry. The 63-400 series has an improved cutting geometry for soft aluminum that properly forms and evacuates chips reducing chip rewelding during the cutting process.


Our tools have been optimized for high-speed machining on CNC mills and routers as well as high speed machining centers!


Plastics Tooling

Plastics, whether hard or soft in nature, require utilizing the correct tooling with the correct geometry.


LMT Onsrud has created specialized tooling for plastics to be used within the sign industry. Our tools can be utilized in CNC router or hand-fed applications and will provide the desired cutting or engraving results.


Soft plastic tool choices usually involve the use of single or double edge "O" flute tool, which are available in straight or spiral flute configurations.


In terms of hard plastics, double edge straight "V" flute along with spiral "O" flutes with hard plastic geometry, and two and three flute finishers are recommended.

Stainless Steel Tooling

Providing excellent resistance to corrosion and tarnishing, stainless steel performs well in outdoor signage applications for the signage industry.


LMT Onsrud has created an entire line of tooling to cut stainless steel which has a special cutting geometry required to cut smoothly and provide a good finish to your part!


Engineered Panel Tooling

Hardwoods, softwoods, MDF, particleboard, plywood, laminate stock – all forms of woods that require the correct tooling to ensure the required finish of a completed part. 


Natural woods, either hardwoods or softwoods, are typically easier to machine because their makeup is generally consistent and the tooling utilized has been developed to cut accordingly.


Man-made woods, or engineered panels, have their own inherent issues during routing: various wood grains, chemicals, innumerable glues and resins, moisture and natural oils.


LMT Onsrud’s tooling incorporates the proper geometries and tool characteristics to minimize these concerns during cutting.



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