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Honeycomb Cutting Tools


Onsrud produces the industry's largest selection of cutting tools used to fabricate honeycomb core and bonded panel materials. These materials are used where ever strong yet lightweight construction is needed in aerospace, marine, transportation, automotive and wind energy applications.


Roughing tools are used for rapid stock removal and finishing tools for detail work such as contouring, carving, and chamfering. Specialty panel tools are used to cut, size, and groove panel material.




HSS Hollow Core Cutters
29-000 Series


  • “Vertical Cut” Design produces a clean, flag free edge.
  • Core material remains attached at bottom- removable using one of our valve style honeycomb cutters.
  • Create pockets in honeycomb core using this product along with our 31-100 or 30-000 series tools
  • Create perfectly clean edges.



Diamond Grit Hogger - 29-050 Series


Diamond Grit Hogger
29-050 Series


  • Used on abrasive cores (graphite, phenolic, or fiberglass) to achieve longer tool life.
  • Available in a ball nose version.
  • Use as a traditional hogger capable of holding existing honeycomb blades.
  • A 35% weight reduction has been designed into the larger diameter tools.
  • Better performance on 3 or 5 axis machines.




Solid Carbide Honeycomb

Hogger (Coated)
29-100 / 29-100B Series


  • Versatile tool to cut most honeycomb core materials.
  • Solid carbide body offers increased tool life.
  • Proven hogger geometry shreds core and evacuates chips.
  • The long flute length allows for deep pocketing applications.
  • Can also be used to surface large areas.
  • Hoggers are coated with ZRN





HSS Hollow Core Cutters
30-000 Series


  • For contouring, carving and chamfering cuts of .25" (1/4”) or less.
  • Patented holding system prevents the solid carbide blades from coming out of the holder if it is fractured.
  • HSS saw blades and the diamond plated blades dish on bottom



HSS Integral Shank

Honeycomb Hogger Cutter
30-300 Series


  • Spiral hogger geometry ground integral to the shank
  • Faster feed rates and deeper cuts.
  • Blade options make this cutter suitable for most core types.
  • The hogger design imparts less force during chip evacuation of chips




Reduced Weight Honeycomb Cutter
30-700 Series


  • 35% weight reduction design on larger diameter tools
  • Better performance on 3 or 5 axis machines.
  • Reduced Part lifting and Flagging
  • New tooth and flute design.
  • Accepts current honeycomb blades.




HSS Hollow Core Cutters
31-000 Series


  • For use on aluminum core
  • Offers versatility of smaller sizes for use on hand-held machines in field or maintenance type repairs.
  • Offers strength of an integral shank and blade
  • Edge sharpness unattainable with other materials.
  • Sharpness and relieved bottom yield part surfaces requiring a minimum of preparation before bonding operation.



High Speed Steel

Honeycomb Cutter With Teeth
31-100 Series


  • Small diameter
  • Flexibility of cutting small slots or pockets in honeycomb core.
  • Versatile - used on CNC or hand held machines for field or maintenance type repairs.




High Speed Steel Hogger
32-000 Series


  • Designed for fast (low force) removal of excess core followed by a final finish pass
  • Obtain excellent finishes with one tool.
  • Enable cuts of up to .60” depths in a single pass.
  • Different blade offering makes cutter suitable for most core types.
  • All assemblies require a shank, hogger and blade.




HSS Three Piece

Honeycomb Hogger (Coated)

32-200 Series


  • More aggressive hogger geometry than the 32-000 series.
  • Hogger and blade with teeth have a fine tooth grind pattern .
  • Increased feed rates.
  • Improved part finish.
  • Hoggers and blades are coated with a ZRN.
  • Increased tool life.
  • All hogger assemblies require a shank, a hogger and a blade.
  • Use without the hogger by replacing the hogger with a spacer.



Cutting Blades for Cutters and Hoggers






Aircraft Panel Tools

34-000 Series


  • Modular tool produces slots in composite panels
  • Potting compound can be applied to edge




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