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The Fundamentals Of Custom Router Bits


When you are choosing custom router bits there are many important factors to consider, such as the material being cut, the rigidity of the tools and cutting surface, the proper choice of tooling and successful programming. Choosing the right plastic routers bits and carefully considering these factors can help to eliminate many of the problems that arise every day in the routing industry. After spending a great deal of money on router bits sets and fine tuning all the programs and part paths for optimum cycle times, it’s possible to build better fixtures and select the right tools easily. In fact, the right custom router bits can provide doubled feed rates with minimal additional effort.

Even the best plastic routers bits cannot always solve the problem of poor programming, although working with better tools always provides a better chance of producing a great finished product. Custom router bits have been shown to solve poor programming in many cases where rewriting cutter entry cycles or part paths can result in immediate solutions. Basic router bits sets can sometimes face problems such as the chattering of the part when the machine is not run at the minimal feed rate, but custom parts can avoid these problems.  

Often times the plastic routers bits aren’t the problem, it’s the machine. If the condition of the machine is preventing fast feed rates, you need to fix the machine rather than deciding that the cost of maintenance is prohibitive or that the downtime is not possible. Machine wear can slowly ruin router bits sets, and once it begins it can accelerate very quickly. To prevent wear of your custom router bits, machine wear must be caught in the beginning and fixed promptly to prevent many problems later on.

Basically, returning to the fundamentals of routing and remembering the materials, the rigidity, the tooling choice, the programming and the machine itself will save time and money.


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