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The Importance of Collets in Plastic Routing


Plastic routing is a more delicate process than one might think, and it requires proper maintenance of a variety of tools and mechanisms to avoid a number of problems. While one might believe that plastic routers bits are the most important parts to be concerned with in the routing of plastic, there are many other components that are equally important. All the parts in the plastic routing machines must be held solidly with established fixturing techniques, and the machines must be appropriately maintained to ensure a proper tool path that is both rigid and concentrated.

One of the most important things to consider during the plastic routing process is rigidity, since there are several problems that can arise concerning the rigidity of the material and the machine. Plastic routers bits, collets and other parts, as well as the machine itself, are all associated with rigidity. During the plastic machining process, the proper colleting of the plastic routers bits and the ongoing maintenance procedures associated with collets are of the utmost importance, so one must never underestimate the power of collets.

The plastic routers bits that are found in CNC routers come in two different varieties – the half grip and full grip collets. The half grip collets that are used in plastic routing can be identified by the slits that run from the bottom of the collet to the top for about 80 percent of the collet’s length. The full grip collets that are used in plastic machining can be identified by the slits that run from both ends of the collet, which create specific collet sections and allow for squeezing pressure to be exerted over the entire length.

Proper colleting of plastic routers bits is extremely important, although many people underestimate the importance of collets in the routing, drilling and machining process.


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