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The Importance Of Rigidity To Plastic Routing


Before running out and purchasing the plastic drill bits for a certain job, it is important to first consider the rigidity of the material that is going to be drilled into. The rigidity is usually already decided upon before the plastic machining process begins, so there is not much of a decision to make at this point. The firmness of the material will decide the plastic routing procedure that follows, though, including the type of drill bits and the specific machines used to cut the plastic. Rigidity also refers to the plastic machining tools, since they must be perfectly rigid during the drilling, cutting or routing process.

The harder the materials are, the more difficult it often becomes to keep the plastic routing machine perfectly rigid while cutting. By maintaining the proper rigidity of the machine and the fixturing of the parts to be cut, the machines will consistently perform at a high level and the individual performance per part will be optimized. Plastic machining has extremely precise finish requirements so you can't afford even a tiny movement in the plastic routers bits, even of less than 0.001 inches. To ensure rigidity, it is critical to properly and regularly maintain the plastic routers bits, and rigidly construct and attach fixtures to the work surface.

An oversized vacuum supply can be extremely helpful to the plastic machining process, and by securely mounting hard fixturing, it is also possible to effectively eliminate slop. And plastic routing friction enhancements, such as rubberized coatings or gasketing sheet foams, are always advisable. Keeping the plastic rigidly in place, regardless of its firmness, will ensure the most precise plastic machining job every time. Thicker materials might be more difficult to keep rigid but with a little extra care it's easy to maintain the perfect rigidity for every type of plastic.


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