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Three New Composite Milling and Routing Tools


Three new and exciting composite routing and composite milling tools have recently been released on the market, providing many exciting new capabilities for the composite machining industry. These cutting tools are rugged enough to withstand any challenges that are presented to them without faltering. Onsrud Cutter, the leader in the custom tooling industry, has released these new products to tackle a variety of composite applications.

The first of these composite milling and composite routing tools is the patented UnRuffer, which is a solid-carbide burr that provides a unique finish on all the composite edges without sacrificing any of the cutting performance expected of a burr tool. Two other cutting tools that have been recently released on the market are intended to increase the carbon graphite and aramid fiber machining process. These also provide enhanced finishes compared to traditional burr tools without sacrificing any of the cutting performance.

The new carbon graphite router bits and aramid fiber machining tools, which include the Carbon Graphite and Fiber Metal Router with modified geometry to cleanly cut aramid material and fiberglass, have a unique geometry that increases the amount of effective cutting flutes. The result is a superior finishing performance compared to a standard burr. These cutting tools offer unique clean-out flutes to help drive away chips paired with a special chiseled cutting edge that ensures a longer life and higher rate of productivity.

These carbon graphite router bits and other cutting tools now available for composite milling are also complimented by drills for composite materials that include an 8-facet point design to diminish cutting forces and completely do away with delamination during the exit process. All these tools are long lasting, rugged and yet precise enough to leave the perfectly measured cut every time whether they are used for carbon fiber, carbon graphite or any other materials. 


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