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Tips For Sharpening Wood Boring Drill Bits


Sharpening your own wood drill bits can save money by lengthening the life of you tools, and save time by ensuring that they are sharp every time and never having to worry. Sharpening you wood boring drill bits regularly will also save time by making your drilling tasks quicker and easier, since you'll be able to drill the cleanest and smoothest holes with less effort. There are sharpeners that can be used for a variety of wood boring bits, and as long as you follow the instructions you will be able to achieve the most precise results every time.

Sharpening wood boring bits might seem easy, but it is actually quite a challenging task to get those specially shaped bits sharpened properly. Wood drill bits with special coatings are also particularly difficult to sharpen evenly. The most important pieces of advice to follow when sharpening wood boring drill bits are to be consistent, keep the bits cool and always remember to sharpen them before they become too dull. Drilling at an angle and failing to remove the bit from the hole occasionally to remove dust and fragments can cause them to become dull quickly.

Leaving wood boring drill bits loose instead of storing them in a protective container can also lead to damage. In order to sharpen your wood drill bits yourself you will want to learn as much as possible about the types of bits, the best process to use and the tools available. Different types of wood boring bits have different processes for sharpening, and different tools that should be used. Some tools that are often used for sharpening wood boring drill bits are oilstones, fine files, triangular files and grindstones. Using these tools properly can help to ensure that your wood drill bits will stand the test of time and provide the best results every time they are used.


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