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New Tools to Transition from Metal to Plastic Machining


Plastic machining has become commonplace in machine shops, as plastic has replaced metal as the material of choice for a number of electric, automotive, scientific and consumer goods throughout the world. The metal drill bits and router bits that machines shops once relied on do not work for plastics, though, so these industries must consider the materials at hand when they consider which cutting tools to use. While end mills worked well for metal removal, they do not work for plastics because they do not have the correct geometry for the machining of mechanical plastics. Specialized plastic routers bits have specific flute area, rake, clearance and cutting edge designs that consider the melting and re-welding problems common in mechanical plastic applications.

In order to transition from metal drill and router bits to the new cutting tools for plastics, machine shops must consider productivity and profitability of high speed machining. Plastic machining with CNC routers and O flute router bits is the best way to ensure a quality finish. Machine shops need only contact a manufacturer that specializes in the O flute plastic routers bits that can offer their technical support capabilities. They can help choose the proper tools to increase the spindle speed and feed rate, which will increase productivity for the shop by as much as 50 percent. 

Once they are armed with right cutting tools, machine shops should typically use a conventional cutting direction, which will provide the best finish because it will eliminate the burrs that often occur climb cutting. At the same time, machine shops can avoid inefficient finish passes when they use these plastic routers bits correctly. O flute router bits have a geometry that allows the user to cut without the use of coolant as well, which is especially important in industries associated with medical devices that cannot have contaminated plastic. Since the feed rates are faster with these tools as a result of the heavy chip load, the productivity is increased and the heat is dissipated.

Avoiding the use of coolant is a great benefit for any industry, which is just one of the many benefits of O flute plastic routers bits.


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