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Types of Composite Drill Bits


Although wood and metal are the most common materials used by drill bits and router bits, there are other composite materials and composite drill bits used in the same industry. These materials are much more delicate than wood and metal and need specialized drill bits to cut through without breaking the material.


A masonry drill is a variation of a twist drill bit and uses soft steel and tungsten carbide into the steel to provide the cutting edges. This type of composite drill bit is used with a hammer drill, which rotates and pounds on the composite material. The hammering action breaks up the materials at the drill bit tip and the flutes carry away the debris and dust away from the composite object. The rotating action brings the cutting edges to the hole’s bottom with every hammering movement.


A diamond core bit is a masonry mortar bit designed to work as a router and drill bit. It is made of a steel shell with diamonds embedded into the metal segments along the cutting edge and are used at low speeds on delicate materials.


Well drilling bits require different composite drill bits to be used, depending on what the well is made of. Soft, medium and hard formation bits can be used during the process. Soft formation bits are used with sands, clays, soft limestone and shale. Medium formation bits are used with calcites, lime stones and hard shale. Hard formation bits are used with hard shale, calcites, mudstones and other abrasive materials.


Hole saws are another type of composite drill bits that comes in the shape of a circle and is used to cut large holes through thin materials. The hole saw uses the tooth-shaped materials to cut through and is suitable for cutting thin wood, plastic, soft plaster and soft metal.



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