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Types of Wood Drill Bits


The wood drill bits on the market are numerous, and they mainly differ in design. Although they are very similar in other respects to the metal ones, they have been optimized for drilling in wood. Lip and spur wood drill bits are a variation of the twist drill, and are also called brad point bits or dowelling bits, because they can be effective in other materials, such as plastic. They are normally available in diameters from 3 mm (1/8") to 16 mm (5/8"). Spade wood drill bits are used for rough boring in wood, whereas the Forstner bits are used for boring precise holes in wood in respect to the grain.

The later bits are available in sizes from 8 mm (5/16") to 50 mm (2") diameter. Step wood drill bits have conical shapes with stair step profiles, and due to this design they can be used for drilling a wide range of hole sizes. Center and auger wood drill bits are optimized for drilling with a hand brace, and are available in many designs. They are patterned after the gimlet bit, which is a self-contained tool for boring small holes in wood by hand. The other types of wood drill bits include custom designed bits for specific applications, such as the hinge sinker bit, which is used for abrasive materials. There are also adjustable wood drill bits, which are used for various materials that change the size of the resulting holes. In order to use and benefit from the wood drill bits that are available, you should study the characteristics of each of them and see which one you really need.




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