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Using Composite Drill Bits


Before using composite drill bits, it is important to know the types of materials that they cut. These types of drill bits are specially designed for different materials. Unlike those that drill through wood, composite drill bits are thicker and shaped differently. These differences allow the cuts to be made with the bits without them getting worn too easily.

Because composite material is much more difficult to cut through, anything but composite drill bits could break as you are cutting through the material. Composite drill bits tend to be more expensive than standard drill bits, but each bit will drill more holes before needing replacement or sharpening. Standard drill bits often overheat and wear too easily when trying to drill through composite. This allows more use out of the composite drill bits and will yield better results in the composite surface. Also, if you use the wrong drill bits to drill through composite surfaces you run the risk of damaging the drill itself.

Using composite drill bits will allow you to make more accurate and better quality holes. Depending on the surface texture and thickness, there are several different types of composite drill bits that will be better options for the material. When making your decision of which drill bits to choose, make sure that it will not damage or hurt the drill bits or the material.

Many people make the mistake of using ordinary drill bits for composite materials. But using ordinary drill bits causes them to heat up excessively, dull quickly, and require significant backing to avoid tear-out. Because composite material is such a unique surface, many drill bits only last for several uses. It doesn't matter if the drill bits are solid carbide; they will still only last for a handful of holes.



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