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Using Multiple Metal Drill Bits


Many times, handy men have broken one or more perfectly good drill bits trying to cut through metal. The reason for this is that they were not using specialized metal drill bits to try and cut through the metal. There are different ways to drill through metals. Depending on the type of metal that you are trying to drill through, different drill bits can be used. One way to effectively drill through metal without breaking or damaging any drill bits is to use more than one drill bit for the same hole. In other words, most professionals will start with smaller metal drill bits and work up using metal drill bits of various sizes until the hole is the desired diameter.

They also say that using at least three metal drill bits to complete every hole will yield the best results. Before even drilling, however, it is even more important to know which types of metal drill bits to begin with. Note which drill bits are used for cutting metal before you begin. You should never try to cut through metal with wood drill bits. If you have difficulty in differentiating between metal and wood drill bits, you should label them so that you are sure to use the right ones for the right materials.

When you are ready to begin drilling, you should mark where you want the center of the hole to be. This will help you to determine which size metal drill bits you should use. You will then load your drill with a very small diameter bit and drill into the metal slightly creating a dimple. If you will be drilling more than one hole, create these dimple points for all holes. At this point you do not need to start drilling through the metal. That will be done with larger metal drill bits.
While this may seem to be a lot of unnecessary work, you will have cleaner holes. Not to mention it will save the metal drill bits them. Because they are not removing a lot of material in a single pass, the drill bits stay sharper and do not gum up with metal filings.


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