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Wood Drill Bits Sizing Systems


When it comes to the size of wood drill bits, the number and letter gauge system is still popular in the United States. The metric system is used for wood boring drill bits in the United Kingdom, and in some American locations, but most people in the U.S. can find whichever system they are accustomed to. There is one complication which sometimes arises with using a gauge to measure wood drill bits, though, which is the fact that users must refer to a table to find the correct size.


The number and letter gauge systems also applies to wood carving bits and other types of drill bits. Whether you are trying to find the right wood boring drill bits or the right wood carving drill bits, you will probably need to look up the correct size in a number or letter reference book. The number gauges for wood drill bits are typically sized from 80 (smallest) to 1 (largest). The letter gauge system for wood carving drill bits and wood boring drill bits uses A as the smallest size and Z for the largest size. There are actually wood drill bits that get as small as size 97 in the number gauge sizing system, but these are very rare to encounter. And now that the possibilities for drilling more microscopic holes have increased as technology improves, the metric system has become more common. There is also a system for converting wood drill bits in gauge sizes to metric diameter sizes, with each step along the horizontal axis equaling one gauge unit.



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