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Wood Drill and Router Bits




Most Popular Wood Cutting Tools




Three Flute Hogger - 60-000 Series

Designed with a unique scalloped cutting edge resulting high feed rates in dense materials. Usually followed by a second finishing tool. Available in upcut or downcut spiral.



Three Flute Low Helix Finisher - 60-200 Series

Designed to produce an ultra smooth finish in soft or hard wood materials. Available in upcut or downcut spiral.



Double Flute Spiral - 52-200 / 57-200 Series

Very good general purpose tool for soft or hard wood materials. Available in upcut or downcut spiral.



Double Flute Chipbreaker Finisher - 60-300 / 60-350 Series

Very good tool for hard wood materials. Chipbreakers reduce cutting forces but leave smooth edge. Available in upcut or downcut spiral.



Tuff Core Compression - 60-100DC Series

The Tuff Core compression utilizes unique dual grade carbide. The harder outer shell is reinforced by a tough inner core which makes the tool stronger and reduces tool breakage.



Max Wear Compression - 60-100MW Series

Designed for maximum life when cutting abrasive materials such as melamine or other laminated materials.



Compression - 60-100 Series

Compressions are design for ultra high feed rates and optimum edge finish on both sides of laminated materials.



Super O - 64-000 / 65-000 Series

This is a very good general purpose tool capable of cutting wood, plastic, aluminum, and solid surface.







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