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Composite Drill Bits and Router Bits



When you think about router bits and drill bits you probably think of materials such as wood and metal, but there are also many different tools that are intended specifically to be used with composite materials. Composite milling tools, composite routing tools and composite drill bits may look similar to the tools that are used for wood, metal and plastic, but they are very different. These tools are designed differently and constructed of different materials to ensure compliance with composite materials. This has become a much more important consideration with the rising popularity of composite materials.


There have recently been three new composite milling and composite routing tools released on the market from Onsrud Cutter that were produced with a patented design. Special router bits and drill bits are available that are made with solid-carbide burrs and a unique finishing edge that is designed to produce the cutting performance of burr tools with a superior edge finish. Composite drill bits such as these would not work so well with woods, metals or plastics, but they work perfectly with composites.


Other composite milling and composite routing tools have been released on the market, which were designed to dramatically improve carbon graphite machining and aramid fiber material machining. These router bits and drill bits increase the amount of effective cutting flutes for these popular composite materials, which results in a superior performance compared to the standard burr. The flutes with special clean-out design help to disperse chips, while the chiseled cutting edge lengthens the life of the tool and makes it more productive for that span of time. These composite drill bits and router bits include the Carbon Graphite and Fiber Metal Router with modified geometry to cleanly cut aramid material and fiberglass.


Many industries rely on composite materials today, and these cutting tools ensure that that all of the materials in this category can be routed, drilled and milled to perfection.




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