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Custom Router Bits


Having the right custom router bits can make the difference between a beautiful woodworking product and having a piece of furniture or home interior element with a poorly finished edge and inaccurately cut lines. Wood router bits in the 21st century have provided many practical solutions for the problems in the woodworking industry, though, as long as you know where to go for your cutting tools. Since high speed steel spirals were first introduced by Onsrud Cutter in the 1960s, woodworkers have had had the right tools to produce the most beautiful finished pieces.

Before high speed steel spiral wood router bits were introduced in the 1960s, the capabilities for chip removal in the wood cutting and routing process were somewhat limited. These custom router bits provide an innovative up and down spiral action that was previously unprecedented in the industry. Since veneered materials have become more abrasive, however, the need for more rugged cutting tools has become apparent. This is why carbide tipped tooling was introduced to the same line that brought us the high speed steel spirals.

Carbide tipped wood router bits with sheers offer ease of cutting and opposite shear tooling to handle veneered materials. These custom router bits have expanded in the marketplace since the introduction of CNC machinery, though, but companies like Onsrud Cutter have stepped up to the challenge to bring woodworkers the tools they need to keep up with the industry. The latest cutting tools include the compression spiral and other solid carbide tools that provide geometries for every condition of various wood related materials.

Custom router bits in the 21st century are providing woodworkers with choices in chip breakers, finishers, compression spirals, and multi-edged tools in a variety of flute configurations. CNC routing has changed woodworking, and these tools have provided the optimum performance for this ever changing world.

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