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Custom Router Bits for Every Wood Application


There are many different types of wood router bits for different purposes, just as there are many different wrenches, screwdrivers and other types of tools depending on the type of task being performed. Custom router bits can be used to create a variety of wood products that are beautiful as well as functional. Generally, the wood router bits are used to make decorative edges on staircase railings, tables, chairs, shelves, cabinets, and other pieces of fine home furniture. This is different from plastic routing applications, but just as important to the woodworking industry.


Higher quality wood router bits use an up and down spiral action that provides excellent chip removal in a variety of natural wood applications. There are specialized tools such as upcut wood router bits for specific purposes, as well, since the direction or angle of the tools can makes such a huge difference. Now there are also custom router bits that are carbide tipped to handle more abrasive materials with shears for ease of cutting, and opposite shears to handle veneered materials.


Wood router bits have been designed to keep up with the advent of CNC machinery as well, which is what inspired manufacturers to start producing solid carbide tools. Many of these custom router bits are designed with the innovative compression spiral that was championed by Onsrud Cutter. Router bits made of solid carbide are known to provide geometries for every condition of wood and wood related materials. CNC machinery requires optimum performance in regards to chip breakers, finishers, compression spirals, and multi-edged tools, which these custom router bits provide.


The uses of wood router bits have changed quite a bit since people first starting routing, and the evolution from hand tools to power tools to computer automated tools has been quite impressive. There are now different custom router bits for every type of wood and every application imaginable.




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