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Different Types Of Wood Drill Bits


There are several types of wood drill bits that can be used for different wood projects. Depending on the type of wood you are cutting, different wood drill bits would work better. Special wood drill bits are required for larger holes to be cut with greater accuracy. Make sure that you know what the best drill bits are to use on any particular cut. The most common wood drill bits are used to create specific sized holes.

These drill bits are used for making specific sized holes and are relied on when you need a precise sized hole. These wood drill bits are smaller than other special project drill bits so they can be used for everyday projects. Because standard wood drill bits are smaller and used commonly, they allow for precise placement and they provide a very clean hole.

There are several types of special wood drill bits, like the flat bit. Flat wood drill bits have a centre point but have a flat cutting edge and look similar to a spade. A sharp, flat bit will quickly cut a clean hole. They are easy to use and maintain. When it comes to making cuts in certain types of wood, flat wood drill bits are the best option. Also, flat wood drill bits are relatively inexpensive because of their uncomplicated construction. They typically work in a pumping motion that helps them avoid wandering when drilling thick timbers.

Wood auger drill bits are another type of wood drill bit that look like corkscrews. Wood auger drill bits have a wide chisel-like cutting edge which gets rid of the excess waste sawdust while you are working, and one outer spur which cuts into the wood in front of the cutting edge to produce a very clean hole. Wood auger drill bits are usually slower drilling than flat bits, but produce a cleaner hole in the wood. Because of the length of the corkscrew, the hole in the wood will be more precise.




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