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Cutting tools today are required to perform at increased levels of performance not possible, even just a few years ago.


Because of this requirement, LMT Onsrud is committed to meeting the needs of our cutting tool distributors and providing them with the skills and tool knowledge necessary to meet the demands of the manufacturing environment.


LMT Onsrud offers two day training seminars to provide an extensive review of cutting tool manufacturing, design, and application.


Our program incorporates classroom time along with lab practical experience in running tools within live demonstrations. You will be able to view how tools operate and perform within various materials and witness the final product.


Our program includes both time in the classroom and in the routing/milling lab. Most importantly, we perform live cutting demonstrations so attendees can be involved in hands on demonstrations.

Topics covered include:


  • Tool material, geometry, coatings
  • Tool selection for the application and material being cut
  • Milling, drilling, routing of composites, plastics, engineered panels, exotic metals
  • Application Selling
  • Troubleshooting


Our 2015 Distributor Standard Routing Seminar:




Thursday & Friday

23rd & 24th


Thursday & Friday

24th & 25th



Our 2015 Technical Training on Advanced Materials Seminar (Milling):




Thursday & Friday

5th & 6th






Contact Jen Neubauer for further detail

800-234-1560 x 135.


LMT Onsrud Plant Tour


LMT Onsrud Tech and Sales Team during distributor seminar.





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