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How Dust Collection & Coolant Affect Plastic Routers Bits


Dust collection and proper use of coolant will make your plastic routers bits and other machine parts work so much better, and will result in a more consistent finished product. These are also important things to consider if you are working with composite routers, metal core drills or any other cutting tools, but plastic has become the material of choice for a great number of machine shops today and it has many special considerations.

When it comes to dust collection when using plastic routers bits, it is definitely possible to have both too much and not enough dust collection simultaneously. The dust collection systems in plastic routers, metal core drills, composite routers and similar machines serve the dual purposes of removing chips from the work area and keeping spindles and tools cool. When these dust collectors become under-powered it can reduce the spindle life and result in poorer quality finishes, which is especially important when it comes to plastics.

If the dust collectors are under-powered they will not extract chips from the cut path of the plastic routers bits, and the resulting heart can ruin the finish. Heat can also be an issue when it comes to the coolant. Plastic routers bits cannot do their job properly if the coolant is not keeping the temperature of the tools and cut path down, which in turn results in an inability to remove warm chips and avoid chip wrap. Plastic routers bits do not perform well if mist or liquid coolants are used, however, which is why a simple air nozzle or a cooling nozzle is a better option.

Whatever type of cutting tools you are using, it is important to consider the dust collection system and the type of coolant being used. This is especially important when it comes to plastic routers bits, though, because these systems must be performing at their peak to produce a quality finish on the end product. 



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